Company: Guys and St Thomas’s Trust

Company and Situation

Part of Guys and St Thomas Teaching Trust, this client had integrated the paediatric intensive care ward with the paediatric, cardiac intensive care ward. The resulting changes in ward management required improved communication and team collaborations.


Working with senior leaders, it was important to focus on developing teamwork and improving communication within and across teams encouraging dialogue and collaboration. Using the analysis and feedback as our guide, we had to design an initiative that would allow for this integration of wards to proceed smoothly and not interfere with their management and operations.

Clear Connection’s Approach

Collaborating with Senior Management, we began this project with an internal employee and Senior Management review and analysis. In this vast change of work environment, we designed an initiative that allowed the wards to work collectively and become integrated. By teaching individuals from the different wards that they are held responsible and accountable for team results, it would lead to action oriented and positive change moving forward in this collaborative setting.


The workshops actively approached discussion and planning on how to develop trust and become more collaborative and proactive. We defined, designed and delivered, in collaboration with them:

  •  One-to-one interviews including pre-prepared questions allowing us to design a solution linked to the set budget and required outcomes
  •  Team Development workshop for 60 individuals at a time
  •  Team Leadership activities and interactive discussions to build trust and room for feedback


Improved communication processes between and across the wards and departments allowed for more effective work from each team. The team values transferred into individuals’ everyday behavior and helped them understand the barriers that arise with newly formed teams. Key takeaways that are still at the core of their management included the need to identify team objectives, highlight key areas of concern, and communicate openly and effectively and to understand the concept of external stakeholders.

Our work was a catalyst for change in their acceptance of the need for inter departmental collaboration and with external partners.