Develop your leadership talents

Adaptive leaders and agile teams support and drive transformational change, increase performance and achieve outstanding business results.

Good leadership embodies the mission and goals of a company and the challenge is for them to maintain the strategy whilst obtaining result-driven targets.

Leaders often multi-task and focus on results rather than good leadership. Our development solutions start at the root and we work with leaders to develop strategies that allow for this difficult combination of goals and leadership style.

Examples of our work include 'Executive Workshops and Retreats' and 'Global Leadership Programmes'

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Gain a significant competitive advantage

Organisations that invest in the development of its leaders gain a significant competitive advantage by building engagement and retaining talent because it will:

  1. Drive change
  2. Achieve strategic goals
  3. Attract and retain talent
  4. Hit bottom-line results

To sustain success over the long-term, organisations need to develop great leaders that inspire, engage and develop others. They must attract and retain talent and sustain a healthy leadership talent pipeline and leadership development solutions are a driving factor.

Great leaders focus on the people side of the business and build great relationships. They strive for engagement and collaboration because they know that great results can only be achieved when they ‘put people first’.  

Today’s employees have a high expectation of organisations, leaders and their career path. They would rather be paid less then deal with a bad leader or have to work in a toxic workplace or a work situation that does not provide autonomy and growth opportunity. 

Our Solutions

Inform, motivate and educate. They are experiential and provide leadership development solutions that stretch and challenge. We develop self-knowledge, self-belief and self-confidence encouraging leaders to be their ‘best selves’.

Critical challenges include:

Scalability and speed of leadership development and learning experiences
Relevant, easily applicable and engaging online learning experiences
Collaborative virtual learning that supports culture change
Virtual project teams that stay connected and drive for results
Keeping leaders courageous, empathic and engaged

Global Leadership Programmes

Leading people professionally is a pre-requisite for maintaining and developing excellent relationships with employees, for successful negotiations with business partners, for constructive discussions with colleagues as well as for the professional management of meetings and events. Effective leadership is key to ensure organisational success. As leaders develop through their careers (leadership passages), they are faced with a number of challenges that call for new skills, new ways of using time and work values.

We design and deliver life-changing leadership development that supports your leadership talent throughout their leadership passage. Whether you’re looking to support your young talent, most talented leaders, leaders of leaders or emerging leaders, our programmes fully engage your top talent. We transform business results and develop leaders so that they can lead change.

A selection of our leadership programmes include:

Leading Individuals

For individuals that have recently transitioned from an individual contributor role to taking their first steps into a management leadership role and the role of leading others

- 3-day workshop, or
- 8 x 2-hour webinars with pre-work and post web reflection

Leadership Matters

For leaders who are moving up or into director roles

- 3-day workshop or 5 x 3-hour webinars with
- pre-work and individual executive coaching and
- regular attendance to ‘sparring circles’ which tackle 21st century topics

International Development Programme

For leaders who need understand how to lead global teams, individuals and projects, understand the power of teamwork, diversity and collaboration and ‘step up’ into a strategic and global mind-set.

- 3 x 5-day workshops over 10 months, with:
- 6 x webinars, executive coaching
- a mentor and the challenge of leading a global project (topic set by the executive board)
- or the face-to-face seminars can be replaced by 36 webinars over 8-months

Leading Leaders

Aimed at mid to senior leaders and will be an opportunity for them to engage, reflect and grow, resulting in shared understanding and collective commitments to take the next steps in driving an agile workforce.

- 2 x 3-day workshops
- sparring circle participation, and executive coaching
- or our face-to-face workshops can become 16 x virtual webinars

Our leadership and management development solutions are bespoke in design and we provide flexible learning solutions.  Providing face-to-face, virtual or  blended learning solutions, we will work with you to co-create innovative leadership development programmes that support your people strategy.

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Executive Workshops and Retreats

Executive retreats allow the time and space for strategic planning, innovation, creativity, straight-talking and intuitive thinking… allowing discussion without distraction. They bring your senior team together and ensure they have a strong purpose, are inspired and provides the latest thinking and innovation. Our retreats create time and space for executive focus and decision- making.

Retreats are an important commitment of time by an executive team and require an environment that allows for reflection, decision making and social time –  building and encouraging  strong and robust relationships. Here are a few examples of retreat timings and venues:

Our Executive Retreats

Retreats can be 24-hours, a few days and sometimes a week in duration. We have delivered retreats in a variety of venues in global locations, including:

  • A French ski chalet
  • An Italian farmhouse
  • A Spanish villa
  • A London townhouse
  • A windmill, a boathouse
  • A vineyard
  • A haunted house
  • A glamping site

Virtual Retreats

We also design and deliver interactive and focused virtual retreats and bring leading global speakers and inspirational activities. The content of our retreats will always:

  • Focus on the organisational vision and the why?
  • Allow for intentional reflection
  • Are bespoke in design and bring latest thinking
  • Keep leadership and people culture at the forefront
  • Encourage and inspire relationships of trust and respect

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