British Telecommunications

Case Study



Company and Situation

A leading telecom company, British Telecommunications (BT), had experienced constant and fast-moving change in an environment of rapid growth, global competition, and significant ongoing technological advances.


The Retail Division and the Learning and Development Division needed a leadership program that would support them in helping the organization maintain their growth rate while experiencing various challenges.

“Improved processes, reduced costs and increased efficiencies were beyond expectation”
Head of operations

Our approach

BT was in need of a varied approach that concentrated upon the requirement to provide strategic and tactical planning that included:

  •  Large-scale recruitment requiring end-to-end processes to support resource planning and a retention strategy
  •  Training and Development in marketing and operational processes to support front end client interaction and sales through to Senior Management Development


We supported BT’s fast-paced expansion initiatives by:

  •  Introducing an attrition study that reduced attrition on a 5,000-employee headcount by 40%
  •  Surveying staff motivation and organizational culture
  •  Launching a Leadership Institute and High Potential Programme
  •  Delivering assessments and Development Centres
  •  Creating an effective communication strategy supporting internal and external communications
  •  Moving towards latest digital technology to boost PR and media aspects
  •  Designing, delivering, and planning of budget for internal events for 5,000 employees


The people side of business was a priority to BT’s challenges within a time of rapid growth. The success of the program is evident throughout the company’s environment and individual mindsets. BT has become more innovative and practical when it comes to leadership, and it knows how to be flexible as an organization and employee, while viewing people as a priority for success.

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