What’s the difference between training and leadership development?

Training is a learning process for leaders in which they get to know about the key skills and competencies required to do their role. Development is the process of the actual practice of these behaviours in role, and how this aligns with a leaders values and beliefs.

Training and experiential activity can be one way to develop leaders. 

Strategic projects, assignments, executive coaching, secondments, international assignments, professional conferences, mentoring, reading and discussing latest leadership topics and peer coaching are a few others activities.

What levels of leadership do you develop?

We work with leaders who have years of experience and are accountable for strategic results and first line managers, new to role and just beginning to assume responsibility.

We work with team leaders, project leaders and executive board members.
We work with teams and individuals responsible for outstanding business 

What makes you different?

Our uniqueness is how we encompass thought leadership with inspiring learning and development.

We believe learning and development should be fun and establish safe environments to encourage openness, trust and respect and authentic leadership practice.

Our core team and network consultants share a positive and forward-thinking mind set and are inspiring, high energy with business experience and real stories and business examples.

We don’t rely on slide sets and lectures, we create fast paced, exciting learning experiences that are current.

We constantly search and design new ways to ensure we stretch, challenge and motivate leaders.

What makes teams high performing?

High performing teams deliver outstanding business outcomes and the differentiator for high performance is collaboration.

  • We develop not only the performance of your team (internal) but also how your team’s performance is perceived by your key stakeholders (external)
  • We take your teams through a structured journey from setting up the team and ensuring a fast start, all the way towards achieving high performance

Teams are now required to work virtually, utilising collaborative technologies and broadband networks and we focus how to bring high performance to global and virtual teams.

What are the fees?

  • Programmes and interventions are bespoke and are priced individually
  • Fees are structured on a daily delivery fee – per facilitator coach
  • Executive coaching is costed on an hourly basis
  • Virtual design and delivery fees quoted, include the technical platform and a producer

Fees do not include local tax or travel-related expenses, ie: accommodation, meals, air and ground travel all charged at cost.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

Terms and conditions are between Clear Connection UK Ltd and the client will be made available on our appointment as a supplier. They include:

  • The nature, time, location and cost of the services supplied are agreed before the event
  • An outline of the professional services agreed to being provided to the client
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • General Data Protection Regulations

What if I need to cancel or postpone?

  • It is important that coaching sessions are kept. We understand that sometimes circumstances beyond the client’s control may prevent attendance. Should we not receive 48-hour’s notices for a postponement/cancellation, the full fee would apply
  • Workshops and programmes postponement also incur a cancellation policy

Virtual work – what is needed?

  • To use an online platform, you will need:

    • A computer (PC or laptop) 
    • A webcam and microphone
    • Up-to-date version of Chrome or Firefox 
    • A fast and reliable internet connection

Virtual work, do I need to be experienced?

There is now a need for all leaders to gain confidence working virtually and we help your leaders stay one step ahead.

For those new to virtual work

  • We encourage them to let us know if they need help in getting ‘set up’ for virtual
  • We send out clear instructions and guidelines before each event and make ourselves available if additional support is required


For those with experience in virtual work

  • We challenge leaders to ‘step up’ and use latest technology and apps to ensure they are engaging and innovating their team virtually