Global Engineering

Case Study


SKF Sweden

Company and Situation

SKF Sweden is a global engineering organization manufacturing bearing component, with 44,000 employees worldwide. This company was one of the first to partner with our consulting services in 2000. SKF Sweden is positioned in a market with unique products and services. Their market has high client demands that require world-class solutions and quality products. SKF continue to experiencie change and transformation within the dynamic engineering market. To sustain their reputation and quality services, they wanted to achieve high performing teams and leadership within the company.


SKF initially requested Process Improvement workshops and these were held at local engineering locations, while simultaneously supporting department heads with Leadership Development interventions and Executive Coaching.

"Lots of energy, a powerful atmosphere which inspired with a good mixture of indoor and outside exercises"
Country Manager, Agriculture Spain

Our approach

Supporting the Talent Director and local HR Heads, we provided a range of services and partnered on various projects and initiatives. The key to working with SKF was to improve and work on Team Performance and Executive Coaching. While designing bespoke solutions inked to set budgets, we simultaneously achieved the required outcomes within the set timescales set.


We defined, designed, and delivered a variety of programs that helped fuel SKF’s quality of management and leadership throughout the company:

  •  Team Development workshop involving 60+ group members
  •  Mentoring Initiative supporting Senior Executives
  •  Executive Coaching for Senior Executives
  •  Team Performance workshops
  •  Facilitated Senior Management meetings and workshops
  •  Leadership Development Programme


The program developed an effective teamwork environment and improved communication within and across teams/departments, encouraging dialogue and collaboration. Using analysis, collaboration and feedback as our guide, individuals were encouraged to think collectively, be action oriented, and integrate. In turn, these results have shown improved responsibility and accountability among executives and teams, allowing strong relationships to encourage positive change. The Leadership Programme continues to be an element of their leadership development framework.

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