Case Study



Company and Situation

The family owned global agricultural company, KWS, has its HQ based in Europe with 5,500 employees worldwide. Planning for the development of high potentials, they requested we design, plan, and implement a leadership programme to support their strategic goals starting in 2013.


KWS identified a need of developing innovative styles of leadership that encourage collaboration and is personalised, technologically adept and culturally attuned. Driven by an ambitious growth plan and the constantly shifting requirements within the global market and workplace, the main areas of change included:

  1. Going Diverse: A shifting demographic regarding age, race and gender of employees due to the most age-diverse workplace ever in KWS journey of transformational growth through acquisition.
  2. Going Global: A globally dispersed marketplace with offshore counterparts demands for changing leadership habits and working models regarding the location, hours, and culture.
  3. Going Digital: Include current social technologies and networks allowing for instant transfer of information, feedback and decision-making possibilities to increase efficiency.
"Innovative people solutions that make a difference to individuals and teams globally"
Head of Talent

Our approach

In response and in partnership, we designed and deliver an annual leadership development programme, providing ongoing support for current and future business challenges over a 10-month period. This supports moving toward a leadership style and approach that involves leading with a people perspective, is collaborative, and leaders, individuals and teams exerting influence – not imposing views.


Incorporating an engaging combination of events over a 10-month period in which individuals dive into the real-world challenges KWS is facing and applying the program’s framework to reflect and learn on their own leadership style:

  • 5 x global webinars
  • 3 x 5-day interactive seminars
  • Senior management mentor support
  • Group work, individual assignments, and team business strategic projects
  • 3 x Day Management Programme, namely ‘Leading Individuals’ for 160 Leaders and Managers spanning over an 18-month period


By tackling their challenges hands-on with the help of the leadership programme, KWS moved towards a more insightful, emotionally intelligent leadership in a global rather than local setting. KWS has integrated Clear Connection’s programme into its leadership development strategy and it continues to be delivered annually. With 120 Global Leaders having successfully completed the programme over a 7-year period, 17 Strategic Projects were assigned by the Executive Board of which 9 Strategic Projects have taken further, invested in and become a part of the strategy.

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