Jonathan Forrest

Senior Facilitator-Coach

About Jonathan Forrest

Jonathan Forrest is an experienced leadership consultant, coach, facilitator, keynote speaker, and business leader. Jonathan’s last major corporate role was, director at Goldman Sachs.

He has created and delivered numerous global change and learning initiatives. A member of the prestigious Goldman Sachs “Pine Street” top talent team, he designed and delivered their pioneering in-house leadership development programme.

An expert in communication (he trained as an opera singer and has many years of stage and concert platform experience), he brings skill, talent, experience and knowledge with a unique and inspirational delivery style that is engaging, motivational, and fun.

"You never lose. You either win or you learn."

Extended Business Biography

Jonathan has worked with many of the world’s leading organisations including Barclays Capital, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, EY, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, NATO, Oracle, RBS, and Roche and Siemens. As a global consultant and coach, he has worked with organisations across the UK, Europe, Russia, the USA, Latin America, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, North and South Africa, Korea, India, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

He has a diploma in executive coaching from the Academy of Executive Coaching – accredited by the AC, ICF and EMCC – and gains huge satisfaction from working with people – either in groups or on a more personal, one-to-one basis through executive coaching.

Jonathan is a Member of the Association for Coaching, an Associate of the CIPD and is an accredited assessor and coach in a variety of leadership assessment instruments. He is one of the associate faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership.

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