Joshua Samson

Senior Facilitator Musician and Movement

About Joshua Samson

Joshua Samson is a facilitator and musician with over 25 years of experience in bringing experiential learning to business. He specialises in utilising the metaphor of music and the arts to enhance learning and development by linking leadership topics to music, percussion, improvisation and creativity. A renowned performing and recording artist, he brings together rhythm, melody and harmony playing the famous Pan Art Hang drum.

Joshua’s style is warm and open and participants find his activities, story-telling and sense of humour, fun and inspiring. He has a highly engaging way of working and provides useful tools for participants personal and business life.

As a global performer, having been ‘grounded’ by the current situation, he has taken to spending time expressing himself on daily musical livestreams with newly developed electronic instruments and applications. Living between the Netherlands and Spain, Joshua speaks Dutch, English, German and Spanish.

"Focus on finding balance, rhythm and harmony."

Extended Business Biography

With two master titles from The Royal Conservatory in The Hague, The Netherlands, ‘Master of Music’ and his unique ‘Music in Business’ title, he is an early adaptor of various management tools playfully combining the two in his sessions.

Apart from his music and facilitating career he is also 10 years+ Certified Instructor in the Authentic Pilates Method, a practice he started in 1992 combined with yoga and Martial Arts.

His many travels to India brought him in touch with Active Meditation, Mindfulness and various ways to restore the mind and body connection. His in-depth knowledge and passion on Nutrition and his focus on wellbeing, stress relief and personal development bring a depth of knowledge and experience of work-life balance to his sessions.

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