Liam Niemeijer

Interactive Experience Designer

About Liam Niemeijer

Liam engages through the creation of interactive digital experiences and leads a digital design team based in The Netherlands.  He enables and ensures truly ground-breaking, virtual learning and development solutions. His focus and passion are about the art of integrating multiple forms of media to ensure maximum interactivity for virtual learning opportunities. Collaborating to create ‘high end’ visual, live and animated content, he and his team bring original artwork, animation, digital image, graphic design and visual design – their aim is to engage and excite.  As a social entrepreneur, Liam is creative, expressive, has high energy and will bring innovation, engaging solutions and a sense of fun.

Using advanced computer software he:

  • Provides technical solutions in relation to audio/video/web production and engagement
  • Enables remote studios, operating remote cameras, lighting, vision mixing and sound recording
  • Leads the design of film and editing of videos for internet and broadcast distribution


"I absolutely love bringing ideas to life"

Extended Business Biography

Interested and working with digital design from a young age, Liam began his design study with Communications & Multimedia Design at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in 2005. Liam has since worked in diverse business sectors and with clients located in various global locations such as:

Sidney, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, New York, San Francisco, Marrakesh as well as across most European countries. Together with his team he has:

  • Communicated complex ideas effectively in a visually stunning way
  • Driven project results with interactive and exciting content
  • Increased engagement within projects, webs and on-line communications
  • Differentiated with innovative digital solutions
  • Created immersive virtual learning expereinces
  • Created high quality, professional results with each project
  • Designed branding, corporate brochures, video clips and interactive live experiences


Living in The Hague, Liam spends his social time with local entrepreneurs and artists, continuing his passion for the ‘digital arts’. He likes to walk his big dog on local beaches, whilst imagining and designing the next big event.



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