Sharon (Shaz) Gill

Senior Facilitator-Coach, Fitness and Well-Being

About Sharon (Shaz) Gill

Shaz is our leadership fitness coach. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge, is a role model to many and provides fitness education and sessions which support leaders in their wellness journey.  Focusing on the areas of physiology, and the management of well-being, her sessions are bespoke in design and ensure activities and sessions that transform leaders and teams.  Promoting the idea of developing both a healthy mind and body, Shaz inspires others to commit to long-term health and fitness goals, making sessions fun and engaging. She delivers with warmth and encouragement and has a sense of humour and a passion to make fitness and wellbeing available for all.

"Tell yourself daily – I can do this!"

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An expert in personal training and fitness, Shaz’s sessions are tailored to suit everyone’s different needs, no matter their starting point. Her focus is on motivating leaders and teams to improve and maintain their individual fitness goals, build strength, mobility, energy, self-confidence and self-knowledge. She encourages leaders and teams to bounce back from setbacks, become more resilient and develop and maintain a positive and ‘can do’ mindset.


Shaz has been practising martial arts since the age of six and has a wealth of knowledge and is respected within the Kickboxing world. A member of the WAKO Women in Sport Committee, she is currently a 5th degree black sash, has 7 individual world champion titles and is a British Kung Fu Association (BKFA) Guardian and WAKO Team GB coach.


When she is not training, delivering fitness sessions and coaching leaders and teams, Shaz works with local children and schools delivering fitness and motivational and educational classes.  She recently (New Year 2021) received a New Year honour from the Queen for this work and is a medallist of the order of the British Empire (BEM). This is a recognition of the achievements and service of extraordinary people across the UK.  Honours have been awarded at New Year since 1890 and are presented by HM Queen Elizabeth II.


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