Susan Timmins

Senior Facilitator-Coach

About Susan Timmins

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Susan has over 25 years of experience in designing and implementing leadership learning and development strategies for major Fortune 500 companies and SMEs. Highly knowledgeable, her skill is in creating effective leadership curriculum.  She brings extensive business knowledge, consistent results and high performance to her clients across the globe and within a wide variety of industries.

Susan has a master’s in art, business and communication from New York University and has held various executive positions including Partner, at an ‘award winning’ global leadership consultancy, specialising in ‘leading change’.

"Be your unique self and you'll shine."

Extended Business Biography

With extensive experience in providing ‘award winning’ and comprehensive senior executive development, consulting and training solutions. Susan is able to ensure designs that can be scaled up and implemented globally. She has:

  • Facilitated the design, development and deployment of an advanced global leadership program for a global consumer products company
  • Managed large- and medium-sized global and domestic projects in executive learning and total quality management (TQM).
  • Handled project leadership, workshop-based program development, and training of other facilitators and consultants in a global implementation
  • Developed a European network of facilitators and consultants, ensuring consistency of message and learning
  • Designed and led Pan-European TQM projects – each client was the #1 firm in its industry worldwide (airlines and bearings).
  • Designed, developed and delivered a facilitation skills/process consulting course for the HR Business Partners at a top 100 company in Massachusetts
  • Designed, led and implemented a Master-Facilitator certification processes to ensure consistency and alignment of best practices in Leadership and Process Improvement workshops in the U.S. and Europe
  • Led senior management strategy and planning meetings to accomplish critical business objectives for Talent Management, People Process Improvement and the implementation of a talent pipeline

Susan consistently delivers with unparalleled energy and creativity, which significantly contributes to the success achieved with groups and teams globally.  An expert in facilitation and problem-solving, Susan uses an application-based approach, helping senior groups to focus on what is important to achieve key results critical to the organization’s success and growth.

When not working, Susan has a passion for the film industry, movies, documentaries and short films that stir the imagination.

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